Molero : Ficciones del Trópico Holuzam

LP, €25

  • A1 Phasma Gigas 4:29
  • A2 Simi Vulpa 5:50
  • A3 Jaguar Capybaras 5:35
  • A4 Manglares 5:34
  • B1 Selvas De Ewaipanomas 6:00
  • B2 El Espanto En Sierra Nevada 4:42
  • B3 Parra Jacana 6:17
  • B4 Tierras Bajas Tropicales 5:16

Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, Alexander Molero is no stranger to the exotic idealism that westerners have towards the Amazon forest. The inspiration for this record came from the book Vom tropischen Tieflande bis zum ewigen Schnee by Anton Goering and the visions of Werner Herzog in Fitzcarraldo and Aguirre.

Using a Yamaha CS-60 Synthesizer, Molero creates an enigmatic and utopian voyage inspired by the tropical and exotic desire of European’s first contact with these foreign and unexplored sites…

Limited edition of 500 copies on 180g vinyl.

New Age Ambient Experimental