Rapoon : Fallen Gods Abstrakce Records

2LP, €28

  • A1 Sanctum
  • A2 Iron Path
  • B1 Fallen Gods
  • B2 Breathing Gold
  • C1 Sataranum
  • C2 Sacrement
  • D1 Khomat
  • D2 Dusk Red Walls
  • D3 Valley

Building on the haunting industrial ethers and esoteric, rhythmic drone, Zoviet France member Robin Storey’s 3rd studio album, originally released in 1994, consolidates many of the sounds and disciplines that had shaped Storey’s work up to this point, while indicating a newfound, concerted focus on classical Indian instrumentation. The results represent a synthesis of myriad ideas, rooted in the duality between modernity and mysticism.

200 copies limited edition reissue.

Dark Ambient Drone Experimental