Ströer Duo : Fluchtweg Madagaskar Dark Entries

LP, €25

Based close to Munich, Bavaria, the Ströer brothers work as composers, arrangers, musicians, producers and authors, traveling between many different musical worlds. They descended from the wildly expanded jazz brew of the ’70s.

In early 1979 Hans went on a six week tour through eleven African countries as a bass player in Jazz guitarist Volker Kriegel’s group Mild Maniac Orchestra. Inspired by his experiences on tour, he suggested to do a freestyle album together with Ernst. Avantgarde pianist Wolfgang Dauner’s Jazz label Mood Records offered them one week of studio time in the well equipped rooms of an old sugar factory between Christmas and New Years Eve 1981.

They spent every minute in the studio, sleeping in the recording room, switching between mixing console and all kinds of musical instruments. The result was the album Fluchtweg Madagaskar, released in 1982. The contrast between African and German lifestyles, underlined by the early 80s tensions between nuclear warheads and the peace movement can be felt at the very core of this album. A true independent album, music and early sound design without boundaries nor limits.

Includes double sided insert with lyrics, photos and liner notes by the duo.

Cosmic Free Jazz Experimental Reissue