Tornische : Interiorismo Minimal Wave, Cititrax

LP, €25

  • A1 Antonio
  • A2 La Ambulancia
  • A3 Disco Catedral
  • A4 Fotodesintegracion
  • A5 Убери свои руки
  • A6 Rubberize
  • B1 Pas Infini
  • B2 Asa
  • B3 Encias
  • B4 The Fabrics
  • B5 El Dirigente

A modern and futuristic take on 80’s European new wave & italo-disco-punk from this duo from Madrid, not unlike the pioneering sound of Liaisons Dangereuses. The energy level is always high, the vocal delivery and lyrics subversive and surreal…

160-gram ultra-clear vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

Minimal Wave EBM Industrial Synth Wave